Surfponchos: the new trend

So you think you're too cool to wear a bathrobe? Well, that may have been true in the past, but with recent developments in fashion, you have another option. People are now wearing what are called surf ponchos instead of bathrobes to keep themselves warm and dry while they're on the beach, doing a hammam, or just at home.

They are multifunctional and can be used for more than just keeping a person dry while surfing. Surfponchos can also be used to keep you warm and even provide a place to change beneath them if need be. But of course, Surfponchos are not only for surfers. They can still serve as a comfy bathrobe alternative.

What is a surf poncho?

Surfponchos are a relatively new (and quite popular) invention gaining popularity with surfers, swimmers, bodybuilders, and more. They are very fashionable and comfortable, and when worn, they can be very stylish. ABSRB made it their mission to provide you with hip designs that beat the classic "pink fuzzy bathrobe." 

A poncho is a cloth worn around the shoulders or over the shoulders. A surf poncho is one that is designed to be worn over the shoulders like a cape, but instead of being pink or white, it has a more fashionable pattern. It is made out of an absorbing, thick fabric that is windproof and dries you instantly.

The advantages of a surf poncho

They're comfortable

First of all, they are comfortable! They just really are. The ponchos are easy to wear and can be put on and taken off smoothly. Surfers usually use them as a dressing room when on the beach. In the past, they had to struggle with colossal beach towels to keep things covered when putting on the wetsuit. They can now easily change beneath the poncho. It is designed wide enough to move your arms around comfortably. They are long enough to keep yourself covered during a dress change. Even when you're an active outdoor person who likes to go biking, kayaking, ... .A surf poncho is a must-have for your sporty wardrobe.

They're warm

Second, they are made of an absorbing, thick fabric that is windproof and dries you instantly. You feel the warmth and softness, and you may feel like a plush blanket is covering you—no more shivers on the beach when enjoying that fantastic sunset after a great day at the beach. 

They're handy

The ponchos are also designed to keep your belongings with you. There is a vast pouch in the front to carry your valuables with you. Making them convenient for walking on the beach or in the woods. 

They're fashionable

ABSRB has succeeded in creating stylish patterns that speak to youngsters who want the advantages of a bathrobe but don't want to be seen in one. They take pride in that each design is created by their own ideas and not some mass-produced drawing. Nobody wants to be seen outside in a lounging robe. This will be different with the unique ponchos by ABSRB. You will want to be seen, and people will ask you where you got it. Because the greatness of this product can be seen at a glance.

They're sun protective

As we said before, they are not only used by surfers. Anyone who enjoys a day at the beach knows that you can burn quickly when you're outside during summer. Just put the poncho on, and your upper body is protected against the harmful sun rays. Compare it to a raincoat that you put on to protect yourself from the rain; a surf poncho has the same design but protects you from the sun.

Why are they so great? 

In conclusion, a surf poncho is a new trend. It provides comfort, warmth, and style. They are also convenient for walking and changing clothes outdoors. And, they protect you from the sun. The key reason to invest in a surf poncho right now is:
they're perfect for everybody.

They can be worn at the beach, during an active day out, or just at home. Everyone can use a surf poncho. Even us commoners, who aren't that active, will enjoy comfortable wear after a hot bath to relax in the evening.

ABSRB carries a range of designs from babies to adults. Each pattern uses different colors so that everyone can get a look they feel comfortable with.